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Stunt Scooter - Carry On

New Arrival

I have a child that is interested in bring along his scooter for a vacation.  It does not fold and only the base of the scooter will fit in a suitcase.  The Stem and bars are 24" wide x24" long so they will not fit inside of any of our luggage.  Can take the scooter through security and check the scooter at the gate?


Re: Stunt Scooter - Carry On

New Arrival

Whatever ended up happening with the scooter being taken on your trip? We are wondering the same thing! Thanks!


Re: Stunt Scooter - Carry On

Rising Star

I presume the rules for non-motorized scooters are the same as those for bicycles.


Best if packed in a hard side case, or at a minimum in a softsided or cardboard case, but if in softsided/cardboard, SW would accept only limited liability for damage.


If it has to be in a case, it would sure make sense to me to check it before getting to security.