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Travel funds

New Arrival

I had to cancel a flight that I booked in May and got a “credit”.  If I book a flight using those funds for a trip in November and have to cancel would I get another “credit”?


Re: Travel funds

Rising Star



If you  cancel a flight that you booked in May of 2019 you would have a credit until one year later so May of 2020. If you rebook for November and cancel that trip you would get another credit but it would still expire in May of 2020 as the new ticket will keep the expiration date of your oldest ticket if that makes sense. 


Hope this helps!


Re: Travel funds

Rising Star

Additionally, you don't have to use all of the credit on one flight.  If the November flight you book is less than the May flight was you can use the remaining credit for another flight before May 2020.  Conversely, if the November flight is more expensive and you need to make a cash payment in addition to using the travel funds, the additional cash value you add will have the same May 2020 expiration date.  All flights do have to be for the same passenger(s) that was booked on the original purchase.