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Unannounced changed departure time


Dear community members! 

I have a question about an unannounced flight change. Awhile ago I booked a 9 am flight in September from orlando to new york with Southwest. Today, I was just checking my reservation on the southwest website and without any notification I saw that my departure time changed to 3pm. 


I did not receive any message about this by the airline! When asking they offered me another connecting morning flight which takes about 7 hours to arrive... The only choice I now have is to buy a very expensive flight ticket at another airline, because I need to arrive in the morning.


What are my rights as a passenger? They said they could refund my ticket.. but because of this flight change and the new ticket I'm losing a lot of money..


Re: Unannounced changed departure time


Refund or placement on another flight is as good as you're going to get. Schedule changes happen, but usually there's some notification such as an email to the flyer.