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nonstop flights from fll to las no longer?

New Arrival

been flying sw for years on the nonstop from fll to las.  will not be flying sw any longer if this doesnt change.  Really sorry to see this because wife and I like sw.


Re: nonstop flights from fll to las no longer?

Rising Star

Sorry to hear that your NS flights are gone, but the reality is that 

By next year, SW will be short about 85 planes due to the MAX grounding and a few other things. It has to make hard decisions aobut how to use a fleet that is 85 planes less than it was supposed to have. It means that some flight options simply go away. 


When the MAX grounding is lifted, some things that went away are likely to return -- maybe your non stops will be among them


Re: nonstop flights from fll to las no longer?

New Arrival

Hi!  Same thing has happed to me and my companion pass hubby, OAK/PVR has been cancelled as of Jan 6, 2020 and I am super disappointed in SW.  I was working toward the companion again for 2020 and am now rethinking as who wants to fly OAK-DEN to get to PVR, that's the connection now, more then doubles the flight time.  URGH!  I'm with you on having to change airlines now.

Re: nonstop flights from fll to las no longer?

Rising Star
I pulled up the weekly view for a random week in February and it looks like there is one non-stop from FLL to LAS on Saturday and one on Sunday. Here is the link, scroll down on the page to find the non-stops:

On a side note, I flew to FLL for the first time last week, I loved the airport, both the terminals and the "elevated" runway!

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