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young traveler


My 16 year old son will be travelling by hiself for the first time, is there anything special that I have to do when making his flight reservations?  He can travel by himself?  Do I  have to pay extra for him to travel by hiself?  He has his drivers license, therefore he has ID to be able to show at the TSA gate.


Thank you in advance 


Re: young traveler


"Traveling alone can be an exciting test of a minor’s independence; but whether it is appropriate depends on each minor’s individual maturity level. By purchasing this reservation, you acknowledge and confirm that"


"Southwest considers children ages 12 through 17 traveling alone to be Young Travelers, not Unaccompanied Minors. Accordingly, Southwest’s Unaccompanied Minor procedures do not apply to ages 12 through 17"


You do not pay extra.