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Annoying things your co-passengers do

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Are there people not following the rules? Does the person to your left take both armrests? Does someone hog the overhead with a lot of bags? Does anyone sneak smelly food onto the aircraft?  Does someone talk loudly on the cell? Let's go over some incidents. 


Re: Annoying things your co-passengers do

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I remember once a passenger in the middle seat brought an entire container of freshly prepared hot chicken wings with a pungent spice (not your standard buffalo) on board. And ate. Them. All. 


I LOVE wings but please Lord do not eat them on an airplane!!



Re: Annoying things your co-passengers do

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@byrdbrain591, in your post, you refer to rules and I am not sure to what rules you are referring?  Unwritten rules?  I expect that the only written rule would be to keep one's hands to oneself.  Unfortunately people in the air are exactly like people on the ground except much closer.  Sure, there are lots of annoyances, and different things annoy different people.  Fortunately, there are a few unexpected delights as well, such as the frequent flyer who keeps a small toy to give away to an unhappy child seated nearby or the person sharing their drink coupons, the book lover who shares some good tips when questioned or the middle seat person who slides in and folds up to sleep quietly.  

I hope you encounter many of these folks on future flights.  

Re: Annoying things your co-passengers do

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I sleep when I fly and so I really don't get annoyed. Though last time, there were two people talking loudly behind me, keeping me awake. They were both college professors though and their discussion was very interesting! However I still would have liked to sleep!