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Extremely Nervous Flyer - Flight on Thursday

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Hi everyone,


Looking for ways to ease my fear of flying/anxiety this week as I prepare for a short trip to New Orleans from DC this Thursday via Southwest. I'm not a new flyer, but I'd avoid it like the plague given the option (I probably fly 4-6 times a year, at most). Despite recognizing that flying is the safest way to travel by a long shot, I really tense up.. even on a short 2-3 hour haul. I think my anxiety is exacerbated by the fact that I'm traveling alone whereas I usually have at least one travel companion with me.


My phobia seems to overpower even the best facts and rationale - that being said, is there anything I can do/should know to help me feel a little better? My mind tends to worry about the rarest types of incidents.. those involving structural/engine fatigue (like the SWA incident that unfortunately was all over the news earlier in the year) but also unanticipated human/pilot error. I've heard it can help to meet the pilots but I really don't want to inconvenience anyone or make a big deal of things...


Part of me wants to love flying; I had an obsession with flight simulators when I was growing up and I find aviation fascinating. Just scary in practice for me. 


thanks for reading



Re: Extremely Nervous Flyer - Flight on Thursday

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A lot of people experience the anxiety while flying that you do. I would recommend bringing something to do on the plane to stay busy and keep your mind off flying: a book, download a movie on your phone/tablet, etc. Also, let the crew know when you get onboard and they will do everything they can to make you comfortable; Southwest is great at that. And, it's not an inconvenience to meet the pilots when you board. They would be more than happy to calm your fear of flying. Have a great flight on Thursday!

Re: Extremely Nervous Flyer - Flight on Thursday

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Thank you! Appreciate your response

Re: Extremely Nervous Flyer - Flight on Thursday

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Hello. You are not alone. Lots of people are nervous flyers. Some have ended up here and asked about the topic. Rather than try to recreate the discussions, it's easier to provide links to them.

You'll do fine.  I'd suggest that you Just  follow some of the suggestions.