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Movies and on demand not working

New Arrival

Flight from phx to  stl flight 1001 had no tv series or movies. Instead of saying it wss down the web page told us we didnt have the app or the airtime player.

In the beginning most of our rows of people kept rebooting our phones since most of had it working on other flights before. Anyway to teach the crew to reboot the inflight entertainment?

We all had the apps and player. Android, apple, laptops  didnt matter nothing worked.  Friendly crew but no one could fix it. Very sad tonight.


Re: Movies and on demand not working

NicoleAshley Employee

You can imagine we'd much prefer that our Customers had access to WiFi and the entertainment portal onboard, and we're so sorry for the frustration, Jon. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we aren't equipped to assist you here, but we recommend reaching out via the options in the link below. 


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Re: Movies and on demand not working

Rising Star
I am having a similar issue as the original poster: movies and TV shows were working great for the first 30 minutes or so of the flight but now they produce an error message. Everything else works, to include live TV and my ability to communicate outside of the aircraft (I am posting now from the air).

We asked two different flight attendants and they've shrugged and said to keep trying. I will post an update with a solution if they come back with anything.

Southwest customer | Home airport DCA | Community Chamption

Re: Movies and on demand not working

Rising Star
Update: one of the flight attendants came back to say "the light was out", he did some coordination and now movies are working again.

For future reference if this happens on your flight ask the flight attendant to check the indicator light visible at the front of the passenger cabin. If the light is out then the flight attendant needs to coordinate with the pilots to reset the movie system. Once the reset is complete you should be back in business.

Southwest customer | Home airport DCA | Community Chamption