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Lucky to be alive

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I want ro thank the crew from flight 5615 from FLL to Newark 5/21/18 I had an anaphylaxis episode in mid flight and could not breath even after getting 2 dosages of Epi ,I as a EMS worker for 15 years have helped save many lives ,but never saw myself on the other side of it,Not being able to breath was very frightening thou there was a Doctor,Nurses and EMTs on board im still soo greatful to them all ,but the flight attendant who held my hand thought out the how ordeal wish i atleast knew your name I dont think she will ever understand how much that means to a person who is sure they are about to die in a world full of madness its great to know that there are still people full of compasion wether you just feel like you were doing your job or thats just the person you are  i couldnt respond appropriately because of not getting enough oxygen to my brain ,but i know you never let go ,and you have no idea how afraid i was,Thank You!!! Southwest is lucky to have you Hope one day you will see this and know how greatful i am, Thanks to all who played a part 


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First off i am glad to hear you are ok and that the FAs and other passengers onboard were able to help you in a time of need.


if you would like to send your thanks to southwest directly feel free to send southwest a DM on Facebook or twitter with your confirmation number that way they can find out who the crew was on your flight and pass on the thanks to those great employees.


Thanks for sharing your experience on the community!


Re: Lucky to be alive

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Thank you I didnt know I could, im definitely going to  do that.

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They have sent me "kicktail" coupons in the past where the staff can enter a drawing for prizes of some kind...tell them you want to send some "virtual kicktail" to that FA.


Reminder if on Twitter or Facebook, never post your confirmation number in public - wait until Southwest (@SouthwestAir on twitter) intiatites a direct message before you send that info.




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