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movies stopped working

New Arrival

Hi there.  For years, I have been downloading Netflix movies to watch on the flights.  All of a sudden, I get an error message and they stopped working.  I also cant watch the free movies.  May be something with Airtime player.  I have a Microsoft Surface tablet but I cant seem to download it.  Has anything changed where I cant watch these anymore?  any thoughts on a fix out there?



Re: movies stopped working

New Arrival

One suggestion I have is when you are going to watch previously downloaded movies on Netflix from your tablet or phone, it’s best to make sure you aren’t connected to the Southwest Wi-Fi. Since the Wi-Fi isn’t free, trying to pull up an app like Netflix will have it try and connect to the Wi-Fi but fail since you haven’t purchased access. 


As for the free movies off the Southwest App/website, I think you need to “accept terms” to access the free movies. Usually you can click on the icon that is $0 (free movies) and it will haveyou accept terms, then it will allow you to watch a movie. See if that works next time.


Re: movies stopped working

New Arrival

I'm having similar issue.  I have a Lenovo Tablet that for years I've been able to download movies and watch on Southwest.  And now I can't.  

It's very frustrating as a frequent traveler (flies two times a week), I've now resorted to watching the same movies multiple times off the SW Movie selection.

In the past I always signed onto the SW "free" wifi in order to get Netflix app to load.  I've tried with and without the "free" wifi, nothing working.

I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times.


Anyone else experiencing?  


Re: movies stopped working

Rising Star

Here's what SW says about your situation. I think it's been that way for years as planes are bandwidth limited. If it worked for you in the past, you got lucky.


"In order to provide a top-notch WiFi experience, we prohibit access to certain high-bandwidth applications and websites, including Netflix, HBO GO® and VoIP, along with certain indecent, obscene and offensive content."