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Mexico City flights

New Arrival

Hi I am very sad that the flights to Mexico City is going to be discontinue after March 2019

I took the first one  when it departed form San Francisco and stop at Long Beach , CA Before fliying to Mexico.

I was so exited since I like fliying on Southwest as much as possible.

It was great for my mom when she left from San Francisco to Mexico via Long Beach.

The  Southwest wing was in the same area an for a senior it is a plus not to travel from different sections of the airport it is hard when they travel alone.

Eevery thing  has to be check on the monitors and you need to relie on another passenger to help navigate the complexity of hte airports.


I am going back again to visit family and friends and I was so sad that I can not fly to Mexico City  and have to go to Puerto Vallarta and take another  airline from there.


Please request Southwest management to reinstate the flight to Mexico City 

Specially it is good for seniors traveling on their own.



Re: Mexico City flights

New Arrival

Why? Why? Please reinstate!