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Multi City Booking Online

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I need to book MHT - MCI - MCO - MHT. Is there any way to do this in one transaction? From what I've researched I could do it over the phone which is fine but will that affect my ability to do online check-in etc.?

I know I could also book one way fares for each portion of the trip but I'm afraid that might hurt me in the event of rebooking withought penalty due to to hurricaines, storms etc.


Re: Multi City Booking Online

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so you can't book this reservation online you may be able to do that by phone and it won't affect your ability to do online check in it may however affect the ability to change your reservation online meaning if you needed to change to another date or flight after booking by phone you would have to call instead of being able to do the change online that's some weird thing that happens when you book by phone not sure why it's that way but you should be able to book your type of reservation by phone just be sure you tell the agent you want to go from A-B and C-A if they can't book on one reservation then you can do 2 one way flights 


hope this helps


Re: Multi City Booking Online

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Thanks Blake, Bad things always seem to happen when I book over the phone. That's why I'm reluctant to do it. I don't understand why Southwest's online capabilities can't cope with booking at least 4 city pairs at a time? Other airlines do it so it's not a technology thing. I'm guessing it's a way to mitigate responsibilty in the case of rebooking due to storm related issues. It might even help cut down on "hidden city" ticketing. Lol.....there's something going on here! Southwest really needs to step up to the plate and be transparent about this.


Re: Multi City Booking Online

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We would hope that Southwest would be understanding of your schedule in case of irregular operations since you are flying them throughout. (No warranty if mixing airlines on a trip.)


Otherwise agreed - one-way tickets make a lot of sense in other ways, the downside seems to be during a chain of delays you may lose some protections - but which they would in theory still honor.


Side-note: no hidden city ticketing on Southwest...I haven't noticed any scenarios where doing that would make sense, compared to the other major airlines where they do have more variable pricing. Also you'd forfeit your points!




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