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SWA leaving Mexico City 3/30/2019

New Arrival

I fly down to CDMX at least once a month and am sad to hear that SWA is pulling flights down there, One reason being that CDMX is more business than leisure (sure - I earn all my miles and companion pass flying business) and pulling resources for Hawaii.

Sad for two reasons - I probably won't make companion pass this year and I will have to figure out who of the 'other guys' are going to get my business.


Re: SWA leaving Mexico City 3/30/2019

Rising Star

I totally understand your frustration; I've been in a similar boat with other routes that I frequently traveled.  Unfortunately, as demand and interests change, airline routes change.


If you feel strongly about getting your feedback direclty to SW, I would reach out on Twitter or via Contact Us.


I hope you find a good alternative for your travels there!

-A List Preferred, Companion Pass holder, Community Champion.