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How to Use Your Travel Funds


What are travel funds?



Travel funds are exactly that – funds that can be applied to Southwest Airlines travel bookings. Customers receive travel funds when they cancel their nonrefundable reservations at least 10 minutes prior to departure; or, when Customers make changes to an itinerary and the new fare is cheaper than what was previously paid.


The Rules

Only the originally ticketed Passenger can use the travel funds, and all travel must be complete by the expiration date. Customers can view the expiration date on their confirmation email or on our website.



How to Apply Travel Funds

1. Head to and begin booking travel


2. When you arrive at the "Purchase" screen, click the "Southwest gift card, Travel Funds, or Southwest LUV Voucher" option.

TKB pic.png


3. Once the box is expanded, navigate to the “Travel Funds” button.

TKB pic 2.png


4. Input the original confirmation number associated with the travel credit (this will be a combination of six numbers/letters) and the Passenger first and last name., Then, click "Apply Funds." This will automatically deduct the amount of your credit from the new reservation. If necessary, the difference can be paid with a credit card (should the fare be greater than your travel credit).


Note: Customers currently cannot apply travel funds when booking on our mobile app.



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