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Our Heart doesn’t just give back, it gives forward.
  • $23.4M+ since 2010
    Value of employee
    volunteer hours
  • 369K+ since 2009
    Tickets donated
  • $31M+ since 2009
    In monetary contributions for nonprofits
  • 1.1M+ since 2009
    Employee volunteer hours
  • $185M+ since 2009
    In corporate monetary,
    in-kind and ticket donations
  • 4K+ annually
    Charities supported
About Community Outreach at Southwest
Loving People
  • Loving People
  • Living Responsibly
  • Building Resilience
  • Repurposing
Loving People
Our Heart is to take care of people because we are more than an airline; we are your neighbor.
Living Responsibility
Our Heart is to do what’s right by championing our communities and respecting our resources.
Building Resilience
Our Heart is to champion causes and make the connections that empower communities to thrive.
Repurpose with Purpose
Our Heart is to create a catalyst to make transformative change happen in communities throughout the world while working to reduce our environmental impact.
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