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Qualifying for Companion Pass

New Arrival


It's the end of November and I need to earn just 17,000 points to receive a companion pass.  From what I understand, I need to do this by Dec 31.  Will my purchases through Dec 31 made on my Rapid Rewards Credit Card count even though my billing cycle ends on the 14th?  Which means my purchases from Dec 15-31 won't appear until my Jan statement.  Also, if I shop online on the Rapid Rewards shopping website, do those points count?  It seems that right now I can earn up to 4 points per dollar with some of the vendors.  Any other recommendations on how I can ensure I reach the number of points I need to get the companion pass?  Thanks for your advice!



Re: Qualifying for Companion Pass

Rising Star

Hope you were able to earn the Companion Pass.