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Upgrading to Priority card - can I keep my second card?

New Arrival

I currently have both the Premier and the Plus cards. I got an offer today to upgrade my Premier card to the Priority. I think I'd like to do this. Except I am aware that the terms and conditions for applying for a new Priority card say that it isn't available to existing cardholders. Is the same true for the upgrade? If I accepted the offer to upgrade my Premier card, will my Plus card be cancelled? If I run that risk, I'd rather not upgrade as right now I get 9,000 (6000+3000) in anniversary bonus reward points, which is more than I'd get with the Priority card alone. 

Does anyone know the answer to this? Has anyone with both cards successfully accepted the upgrade offer for one and been able to keep the other as well?

Re: Upgrading to Priority card - can I keep my second card?

Top Contributor

The card is available to new and existing members, but the bonus offer isn't the same for people that already have a card or who received a bonus offer from Chase recently.


I actually need to clarify myself about the bonus offer for upgrades since I've had both my Plus and Premier cards for quite some time if I'm eligible for the bonus as well.


I believe the answer is that you would still end up with two cards if you started with two - one would be upgraded and the other would remain as-is. I've only heard about Premier upgrades though, I also need to find out if the intention is to phase out Premier and replace with Priority while people can keep their Plus, or could someone upgrade their Plus and keep Priority + Premier?





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Re: Upgrading to Priority card - can I keep my second card?

New Arrival

That's hopefully the case, if I started with two cards, I'll end up with two. Ideally I would like to upgrade the Plus to the Priority and keep the Premier, but that's not an option for me. I checked for available upgrades to my Plus card, and there weren't any. I had gotten the offer to upgrade my Premier card when the Priority was first released. I kept waiting around hoping to get an offer for my Plus card, but I never did. Then that offer ended. I was sad I missed out on it. It was good news for me when another offer arrived a few days ago to upgrade my Premier card. I have until 12/31 to upgrade. I think I'll probably do it.