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2017 birthday videos from SWA

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This concerns birthday videos sent to Rapid Rewards members in 2017.  Maybe a SWA employee who was in this video has an unexpired one that he/she can send to me.  OR, maybe the ad agency that produced it still has one in their files that they can send to me.  The video had different SWA employees in their uniforms playing some musical instruments such as drums, etc. and singing happy birthday.  It was a great video that I would love to keep, but it expired and I could not play it again.  I have already emailed customer service and also, talked to them.  But, they could not help me at all as the video had an expiration date.  Maybe, someone can help me facebook or twitter SWA for help.


Re: 2017 birthday videos from SWA

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I went back to the birthday emails I got in 2016,2017, and 2018 and the site is no longer working so unfortunately I don't think you will be able to get this video. There might be some on YouTube though. 


as @Zevsupport said in your other post your best bet would be to reach out to Southwest on Facebook, Twitter, or by clicking on the contact us link on the bottom of this page and hopefully they will have a way to send it to you. 


Hope this helps


Re: 2017 birthday videos from SWA

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Any luck? I would like to see these and share them too! 


Re: 2017 birthday videos from SWA

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Moderator here! 


While we don't have a way of recovering your birthday videos, you can be sure that we'll send along another treat for your next birthday so you can continue to share the LUV!