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Can you reverse a credit card bonus posting to your account?

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I opened the Chase Southwest premier card in December of 2018 with the hopes of gaining companion pass status early in 2019.  Our offer was to spend $1,000 in the first 3 months to get a 40,000 point bonus. There were purchases made that were greater than $1,000, however, items were returned and the the final bill showed a balance of just over $800.  The statement closing was set for December 8, 2018.  On December 9, 2018, the 40,000 bonus points posted to our account even though the amount actually shown on the statement was less than $1,000.  Chase said there was nothing they could do.  Is there anything that can be done?  Will Southwest be willing to do anything?  Our chance for the companion pass is now lost it seems like.  Thanks for any help.


Re: Can you reverse a credit card bonus posting to your account?

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The problem is that even if Southwest removes the points, Chase isn't going to reissue them as you've already triggered the bonus. Happens every year, people try to jump ahead and end up shooting themselves in the foot. Best bet is to wait until January or at least the very end of December before using the card or even applying. At this point you can explore what options you have to apply for another card or have someone else in your family apply. At least you have 40,000 points which should be good for a few free flights. 



Re: Can you reverse a credit card bonus posting to your account?

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Interesting dilemma.  Playing the beginning-of-the-year Companion Pass attainment is a delicate process, and I understand your frustration with this situation!  This is my GUESS -- when you hit the $1000 spend, it triggered the bonus.  Yes, the fine print may say that returns could cause the bonus not to happen, but I think that is just legal protection/jargon.  I appreciate that you paid attention to the details, but I would guess there is nothing that can be done; chase is in control of when those bonus points are routed to your SW account.


With that said, have you considered opening the business Rapid Rewards credit card?  You can't get another personal bonus at this time, but you could get the bonus from the business card.  If you do anything at home like a hobby that brings in money, side job, etc., you could qualify for the business card.  It is worth looking into.

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Re: Can you reverse a credit card bonus posting to your account?

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That’s too bad, the process is well setup not to make the purchases over $1,000 - ironically we hear about so many people that want the bonus to come faster trying to beat the deadline.


let us know how it goes. I hope it can be resolved.



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