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Re: Companion / Early Bird Boarding

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I hate losing the A List, @elijahbrantley.  I was in a car accident back in February that eventually required surgery and I was unable to travel for about 6 months.  Yes, I've spent more time at home which is good, but with Southwest and all their great non-stop flights to the destinations I travel to they make it pretty easy to get home when I need to be there.  That's why I luv to fly SWA! Smiley Wink

Re: Companion / Early Bird Boarding

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Sorry to hear that! I had a similar (but different) situation when we had a child! I didnt travel for a while and thought I might lose my status! Fortunately I didn't. Glad to hear you LUV SWA as much as I do!

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Re: Companion / Early Bird Boarding

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@DPontheGo wrote:


Has there ever been consideration to grandfather a person in to their A List status on flights purchased while still an A List member?  Or could current A List members be allowed to add on Early Bird at the time of ticket purchase when they know that their current status will expire.


To answer a different part of your question @DPontheGo - kind of - Southwest has offered targeted promotions in the past either to people that never made A-list but were close, or to people that have been A-list and may be just missing it - my opinion is that the offer is meant to keep people that have been good customers from slipping away, or to further entice someone that seems to fly a lot and has some preference for Southwest.


I'm in a related scenario myself where I'm pretty close to A-list and CP but had a couple of trips fall through towards the end of the year. Now we are "grounded" for family reasons for the rest of the year and  I've missed my window to make a points run.


I hope I come up for one or both statuses as a "near miss" and get a promotional offer by booking and flying a couple of flights by February, but who knows.


Otherwiwse I may be able to make a hotel stay to keep CP, but A-list will be gone. 


In terms of grandfathering - no, and for purchasing EBCI use @bec102896's suggestion as the accepted repsonse.







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Re: Companion / Early Bird Boarding

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Thanks @DancingDavidE.  Yes, it's always a bummer when you come up just shy of the A List status.  I'm thankful for the times that SWA gives us the opportunity to earn it again through the special promotions.