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Companion Pass Credit Card Question

New Arrival

If my husband has received a SW credit card within the past 24 months and listed me as a card user, does that eliminate me from taking out my own SW credit card and qualifying for the Companion Pass promotion?

Thanks for any advice!


Re: Companion Pass Credit Card Question

Rising Star



Since it was your husband that applied for the card, got the card,  and presumably the bill has his name on it (and not yours?), I presume you can apply for your own card in order to receive your own CP eligability.


Of course you might want to verify this with Chase, since you would be playing by the bank's rules.

Re: Companion Pass Credit Card Question

New Arrival

I’m in the same boat.  What did you find out?

Re: Companion Pass Credit Card Question

New Arrival

I called Chase and she said she could not give me an answer - that I would have to submit the application online...and then find out.  I am also a victim of ID theft and have a frozen account at the 3 agencies.  Before I unlock myself, I wish I knew if I would qualify to apply for the promotion even though I am listed as an authorized user on my husband's card.



Re: Companion Pass Credit Card Question

New Arrival

This might answer your question or it may confuse the issue!


I just used CreditKarma to review my DH's and my credit history to figure out if we've had a SWA Chase card in the past 24 months.  I created CreditKarma accounts for both of us so I could compare them and make sure I didn't miss anything.


We each have our own Amazon Chase card as well as an IHG (Holiday Inn group) Chase card, with the other person as authorized users.  All four of these cards are listed under both of our reports even though in all of these cases, two of the cards are solely in my husband's name (with me as an authorized user) and two of the cards are solely in my name (with my husband as an authorized user).  I know for a fact that we did not share the application because the point of getting the cards was to get the signup bonuses by becoming a cardmember.  In all cases we added the other person as an authorized user after the account was opened (and we also opened the Amazon accounts at the same time, then later opened the IHG accounts at the same time).


So.... MAYBE they would say you have been a cardmember within 24 months?  I know the bigger issue with just applying anyway and hoping it will work is that all of the cards have an annual fee, so at best you are gambling on the cheapest card at $69.


That said, maybe asking Chase again would work - this time rather than asking if you'd get the bonus, instead ask, "have I been a cardmember with you in the past 24 months" and see how they digest that.