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Companion Pass - Suggestion

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Suggestion made many times to FA and Executive Relations, i get the impression nobody ever actually considers suggestions.


Instead of having the initial delcaration and 3 changes to your Companion, why not just allow someone to designate 2 or 3 people as companions and select from the list.  My wife flies with me regularly, and my daughter flies with me in the fall for football games.  Because you wont allow this selection, i have to wait and HOPE there are seats available for the Fall travel after my wife's last trip as a companion and then HOPE AGAIN that if i need to change back to my wife, there will be seats.  There are MANY better ways to do this than the current 3 changes AND it would allow you to better manage your seat inventory.


Re: Companion Pass - Suggestion

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Sure, it makes sense, but also equates to being able to make the equivalent of hundreds of changes to your companion versus the 3 changes allowed today. The Companion Pass perk is one of the best perks available in the airline industry and with the industry trend of reducing benefits I think it would be more likely for Southwest to reduce or eliminate the number of allowed changes instead of increasing them.




Re: Companion Pass - Suggestion

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One work around that may be an option if you have points is to book the far off flight(s) for your "non companion future companion(s)" using points.  You'll know you have a seat for the non companion future companion(s) when you are ready to make the companion change.  To make the change get in touch by the phone number shown in your account: explain that you want to change your companion and to also convert your points booking to a companion booking with a cash refund of the taxes and fees for the original points booking.


This is the method I used earlier this year, your mileage may vary.

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Re: Companion Pass - Suggestion

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This is the recommend option by many in similar situations.


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