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Group Travel Perks

New Arrival

After purchasing more than 250 tickets over the last 2 years for our annual HBCU Tour program, I would like to suggest that Southwest Airlines consister some type of incentive program for group tour operators.  Transferrable points and miles could assist my efforts to help high school students not only participate in our program, but even travel to and from college.  


Re: Group Travel Perks

Rising Star

Do you take advantage of Southwest Group Reservations’s? It's for groups of 10 or more and one nice benefit with a group reservation is you can Earn one roundtrip ticket to be used on your Group's itinerary for every 30th passenger booked (taxes and fees will apply). Also with group reservations it does offer a discount off of the current wanna get away fare for that particular flight. 


You can read read more about Southwest Airlines Group Travel Here