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RR points - vs Rocketmiles

Active Member

Million dollar question - which reservation will reward me the quickest for my RR points - or Rocketmiles?  Anyone know?  I did Rocketmiles in October, 2016 and had my RR points within a week, but didn't know if they were still coming through that quick recently or not.  This is a trip where I will check out on 12/23 so need the points to be awarded quickly.


Also... on the site, I see where you can get "special offer: more points" where you can get points within 7 days of your stay if you choose the prepaid option (and a slightly higher rate).  Do ALL of these points count towards Companion Pass?  


I'm in a race to get the final points for CP, and these 3-4k points sure could help especially when it is a trip I'm already taking. 




Re: RR points - vs Rocketmiles

Rising Star

No personal experience, but I've read reports within the last year that say points from Rocketmiles post within a few days and do qualify for CP. Also, I thought I saw that Rocketmiles and were actually the same company? If so, points should post in the same amount of time.