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Rapid Rewards for Children

New Arrival

I have purchased several tickets for my daughter over the last year. I am always logged into my account when I buy the tickets but never seem to get any points for the purchases. I do not know what I am doing incorrectly.


Re: Rapid Rewards for Children

Rising Star

Hi John.


Only the person who actually flies the flight can earn points for the flight - regardless of who actually buys the ticket.

Re: Rapid Rewards for Children

Rising Star

As stated by dfwskier only the person who flies will earn points for the flight. If you have a SW credit card and use it to buy the ticket you will earn points for the purchase of the ticket though. 


My suggestion is to create a Rapid Rewards account for your daughter so she can earn the points and the points can be used for anyone so you could book a ticket for you on her points. 



Re: Rapid Rewards for Children

NicoleAshley Employee

It's also important to know that if you create an account for your daughter, you can request past flight points for travel completed within the last 12 months. To enroll her, please visit



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