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Rewards For Opinions

New Arrival

I got an email that said:

Congratulations! You've been chosen as part of a select group to join the Rewards for Opinions panel. Simply take surveys on your own time, and the points you earn will be posted to your Rapid Rewards® account. 

In three simple steps, you’ll be on your way to earning.

1. JOIN: Join the Rewards for Opinions panel. 

2. SHARE: Share your opinion by taking online surveys that match your interests. 

3. EARN: Earn Rapid Rewards points for every survey you take. 

Sign up today, and receive 500 Rapid Rewards bonus points when you complete your first survey within three months of enrolling. 

BUT when I follow the instructions it says: 

Thank you for your interest!

Rewards for Opinions is not currently accepting 
new members at this time.

Please check back later.

What happen?


Re: Rewards For Opinions

New Arrival

Just registered so I could post the same thing.  Doesn't make any sense.

Re: Rewards For Opinions

New Arrival

Yea I did the same. I sent southwest a message I’ll let you know when they reply 

Re: Rewards For Opinions

New Arrival

I tried the email link again and this time it worked.  I was able to register.

Re: Rewards For Opinions

Active Member
For what it's worth I received two different marketing messages, the second one with a message titled "Updated link..." I haven't signed up.

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Re: Rewards For Opinions

Retired Community Manager



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll do some research and follow up on this thread when I have a solution. 


Re: Rewards For Opinions

New Arrival

Still having the issue reported by another user...RR# already in use.

Please advise.

thank you.

Re: Rewards For Opinions

Top Contributor

In my opinon (see what I did there?) there's not much value to be found through this Rapid Rewards partner. Points earnings are very low, and more often than not one answers several questions and is then told they don't qualify for the survey. YMMV.