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When does Rapid Rewards Shopping activity show up?

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I got a notice that my reward points would expired in about two months.


One option was to purchase something via Rapid Rewards shopping which I have never used before.


I purchased something about an hour ago. When will I be able to tell that the activity registers on my RR account?


Re: When does Rapid Rewards Shopping activity show up?

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The few times I have used Rapid Rewards shopping it had taken about 3-4 weeks for the points to post to my RR account.


note if you return the item you buy they can take the points back making your account expire. 


here is the official answer from the rapid rewards shopping sits:


After I make a purchase from a Rapid Rewards Shopping retailer, when will the Rapid Rewards points be credited to my account?

Rapid Rewards points will typically be posted to your account within six to eight weeks from purchase date. Some exceptions do apply. See participating retailer offer information on the Rapid Rewards Shopping web site for complete information.

Re: When does Rapid Rewards Shopping activity show up?

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I might be the exception to this, but this is how it works for me and I do a lot of online shopping for the sole purpose of the companion pass every year. 


Most often, mine post on the Tuesday after the item has shipped.  Seems my shopping points always post on Tuesday's late in the evenings, so see the points on Wednesday morning in my account. I've had a few items where it took an extra week, but not often.  



Re: When does Rapid Rewards Shopping activity show up?

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If you are concerned about points expiring, you might want to sign up for the dining for points program, and have a cheap lunch somewhere. My experience is that points coming as a result of this program typically show up within a week or two of the event.