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Don't rent a car with points

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Reserved a car with points. Wanted to change flight from next wed to Sat, can't change car reservation, had to cancel and pay $35, won't get points back for 7-10 days, need to rent a car for Sat, I can't use my points don't have them back yet, have to rent the car 5 days before i need it.


Bad system,they can't expedite 7-10 days to get my points back is a bad system, they won't help me.




Re: Don't rent a car with points

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.


Both SW and the rental car company both have procedures to follow in the event of cancellations. There is an intermediary between SW and the rent car company, More Rewards. The THREE companies are simply following those procedures.


FYI, I NEVER use points for anything other than SW flighs - NEVER.


Why? SW values point at about 1.6 cents/point when points are used to buy flights.

More Rewards  is the firm that actually is the intermediary between SW and the rent car company,  and it give syou FAR LESS than1.6 cents/point in value.


Re: Don't rent a car with points

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+1 to this! SWA points are great for SWA, and that's pretty much it. What makes SWA different than other airlines is that the value of the ticket in dollars will almost always equal that same value in points. In other words, the mile is always worth the same amount. 

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