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BWI to SJC nonstop cancelled??

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What happened to the non stop (even just 1 a day) from BWI to SJC and back? I fly southwest exclusively mainly for this route, have been a companion pass member for years. This flight was always booked full. When is this route retruning or is it? I'm about ready to switch airlines.


Re: BWI to SJC nonstop cancelled??

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Due to the MAX grounding, the return of leased planes, and the retirement of old ones, Southwest is short of planes. I'm guessing it could be as much as 8% to 10% of the fleet right now. That could explain the cancellation.


I'm afraid that no one here will be able to tell you the future plans for the route. The only advice I can give you is to keep watching. 


Hopefully the situation will improve when the MAXs start flying again.


Re: BWI to SJC nonstop cancelled??

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There's a non-stop BWI-SJC and SJC-BWI Sunday through Friday starting Sunday, March 8.

Take a look at the Southwest route map, if it shows a non-stop is available there's one somewhere in the scheduled flights.

I suggest using the List View option. 




Re: BWI to SJC nonstop cancelled??

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This links to one of my favorite search tools, the weekly view of the flight schedule of a city pair:

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