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Connection in MCO

New Arrival

Hi - My 17 yr old daughter is nervous about making a connecting flight by herself for the first time.  She is flying in from Milwaukee, WI and then on to Manchester, NH.  I want to reassure her that her arrival and departure gates will both be at concourse 1 & she will not have to board the people mover to get to a different terminal.  Is this tre?


Re: Connection in MCO

Rising Star

All SW flights from Orlando depart from the gate 100-129 terminal A airside. You won’t need to take a shuttle to connect to another SW flight. Connections in Orlando are very easy worse case you have a 5-7min walk if you arrive at 129 and have to go to 109. 


If she needs help finding her connecting flight she can always ask a SW representative and they can direct her to the correct place.