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Warning about postcard that you may receive

New Arrival

You may receive a postcard that looks like it's from SouthWest. It is not!


The front of the postcard shows a 747 over water, and the upper right has "SOUTHWEST CELEBRATION" (note the it's all upper case, not SouthWest).

On the back it reads: "You're Invited" "You are invited to join us for our Expansion Celebration. At this fun-filled showcase you will receive two (2) round trip, coach class airline vouchers to most major aiports in the continental United States."


It then mentions hotels stays and dining dollars, winning a free VISA gift card, ...

The number it shows is 1-866-409-1289


This is NOT associated with SouthWest. It appears to make you believe it has something to do with the recent announcement about SouthWest expanding its Denver operations.


The fine print reads: "This special promotion for travelers is not sponsored by any specific airline, resort or hotel..."




Re: Warning about postcard that you may receive

NicoleAshley Employee

Thanks for bringing this to our awareness. I've relayed your post to the appropriate Teams!

Community Manager