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Any Job Opportunities at Southwest Careers?

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I’m employed now, but my job is so emotionally draining and unmotivating that I’ve wanted to quit for at least a year. I’ve been actively applying online for Airline jobs opportunities, but I’m not sure which route to go because my skill set is varied and I’m also only 2 years out of college. I’ve never envisioned myself in a particular job, so I’m feeling a little lost. Do let me know if there is any airways job or career opportunities.


Re: Any Job Opportunities at Southwest Careers?

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@miakook have you looked over at the Careers at Southwest page?  If you scroll to the bottom of the page it will show you the number of current job openings in each job category.  You may want to start there.


One thought that comes to mind when I read your post is that it may help for you to identify the skills and type of work that you most enjoy.  It can be as simple as knowing that you like to work with numbers or you like to fix things with tools.  During my time interviewing and hiring folks I've had the opportunity to meet several folks able to articulate what they did not like about their current job -- they knew what they didn't want.  When I asked what they did want I was sometimes met with a blank stare... and I never hired anyone in that camp.

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Re: Any Job Opportunities at Southwest Careers?

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SWdigit have already given the good source to get the Southwest Airlines Job. One of my friend suggested me to get the desired job in one page You can get daily updates on Airline jobs opportunities.