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Going out of the country

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Hello! I am going out of the country on 3/28, for about 3 weeks.  It’s my understanding that the application process may take a year or more, but people are saying they are already getting calls or emails. I’m concerned I could possibly miss my chance if I miss a call or email.  I put in my application within the first 3 hours on 2/5/18. Should I be concerned? Thank you for your help!  Have a LUVly day! 


Re: Going out of the country

ChristinaAyala Employee

Hi @travelgal59,


Great to hear from you and thank you for your application for the Flight Attendant position!  No need to worry on your upcoming travel, our recruiting process accounts for Candidates to be on vacation, or out of the country.  If we cannot contact you by phone, we will reach out by email.  Sit back and relax - we hope you enjoy your upcoming travel!


Best wishes,

Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
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Re: Going out of the country

New Arrival

Thank you very much for your quick response! I will check my email on a regular basis! I appreciate your help! Have a great day! 

I am unsure if the SWA people's department does a 2 fly by or just one stop - on a missed email

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Although my extended international travels are in my knowledge the 'icims' FA portal does not give an indication or update of out going communication at this time.  I encourage you to continue to check e-mail ( my inbox can be monitored by a family member who could txt me or reach the tour/hotel to contact me  ASAP night or day) as well as the community posts.



All in the SPIRT of a SWA FA


Best of Luck- FA Class of 2018 -- Hope to meet you and ENJOY the world travel!