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HR department

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Waiting on hr department openings !!!! More so for peoples dpt 


Re: HR department

KelbyTansey Employee

Hi @Monekia93,


Although this role isn't in our People Department, it could be a good option. We recommend keeping an eye on our Careers site ( as roles change frequently. You can also sign up to receive job alerts via email at (on desktop) or on a mobile device by clicking here. Best of luck!


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Re: HR department

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I am looking for the recruiter/speaker number to invite to campus for a hiring event or speaking event on company culture.

I cannot find and numbers online to connect me to the right department.


Thank You,

Megan R

Re: HR department

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Dear future employer, As a Center Operations Associate with Southwest Airlines, I would provide immediate value by effectively utilizing 4 years of relevant experience in sales and service. In me, you’d be acquiring a people-oriented, driven young professional with a strong work ethic and adaptable learning abilities. The appeal of joining a company of your stature with 52 years of ongoing success in cultivating a balance between providing excellent customer service and enriching the lives of your employees cannot be understated. You'll find that my proactive, positive mental attitude, excellent communication skills, and extensive experience serving people will bring immediate value to our team. I'm grateful for the opportunity to become your next Center Operations Associate and look forward to forging a professional symbiosis.



Best regards,

Daniel J. Pogioli 

Re: HR department

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@danjpogi95  you should edit out all of your contact information. The information you shared is expected when filling out an application and included on your resume. 


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SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: HR department

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@Passenger1C I appreciate your feedback.

Re: HR department

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Hi Dan,


Where we would find any updates on an application we submitted earlier this year? 


I still haven't received any update on an application I submitted back in April. 


Here are the recruitment numbers:




I'd like to know if the application is still ongoing or if it's been closed. 


Please advise.


Thank you,