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Interview Phone Call-Has this happened to You?

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I was contacted by a recruiter asking if I was I interested in FA position that I submitted awhile back?  I informed her that I was and I had 5 business days to submit updated application via a link from SW and I would get a call setting up a phone interview, if interested. . After spending several hours revising my resume and updating my references, I submitted my application. I was also advised by the recruiter to send her a email once I submit application, which I did. I also included in my email to her that I am unable to accept calls at work. I would only be able to accept calls on Thursday & Friday’s. The day after submitting my application which was Tuesday, while I was at work, I happen to have voicemail from SW stating because I didn’t answer my phone they were unable to set me up for a phone interview and that I was removed from consideration for the position. What is going on SW? I can’t call back and reschedule? 


Re: Interview Phone Call-Has this happened to You?

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Ouch, that would be very unfortunate if you're only given the one chance to take the call. Have you been able to get back in touch with the recruiter? Hope you can get back in the queue!



Re: Interview Phone Call-Has this happened to You?

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@Kbroderick9  Sorry to hear that you missed the call. I have actually experienced this situation myself, but I was the recruiter not the hopeful applicant. Unfortunately when you apply for a position, you have to make yourself available and try to avoid limited availability for an interview. You are the one looking for a new role, not SWA. I'm sure SWA tried to work with your limited window, but more than likely had other candidates to call. My advice for next time is to be upfront with your current employer and tell them you are expecting a call and that you have to take it. The applicant needs to do all the work to get hired, not the other way around. 

I hope next time the situation turns out differently for you. 

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Re: Interview Phone Call-Has this happened to You?

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@Kbroderick9 , I know, I know, I had a bad experience with the recruiter back then. Insenstive peoples (Recruiters). I wouldn't hestiate try to call them again.