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Missed F2F interview

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Im currently a candidate for inflight crew Im So Excited to Be considered for such an amazing opportunity My phone interview took place in June and I was selected to have a face to face interview soon after


I recieved an email with details on what to expect and how to prepare for the F2F phase and Would Be required to self schedule the flight details to get there in a separate email


Unfortunately I didnt get the flight scheduling email in my main inbox Instead it went to my SPAM folder and I missed the opportunity to attend the group of F2F interviews I was originally selected for because all slots are filled for that group TIP Be Very Vigilant When you Recieve preparation details


Still Very Positive and Optimistic that this opportunity is perfect for Me and Was Also Reassured by the Awesome Southwest Interview Scheduling team I would be contacted again to schedule my F2F once another Grouping is Available for F2F interviews and I am still being considered for the Role of a lifetime


There isnt a Projected Date for the next interview grouping But Im Hoping it will be before the End of the Year for me. Im really excited as I await for the next Scheduling of F2F interviews


Has Anyone else also encountered the same thing along their process If So how soon after did you finally get to your F2F interview


An Excited and Anxious candidate would love to know

thanks for continued support


Re: Missed F2F interview

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How long has that email been sitting in your spam box

Re: Missed F2F interview

New Arrival

Quick Update: Email, was less than a week old in my inbox. But the link to schedule expires after 3 days. 


Fast forward to 7/17/2018 - my prayers were answered! I received an email. Allowing me a final opportunity to schedule my face to face interview for Mid August. I’m Excited & this experience has taught me patience.