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Mystery career...

New Arrival iDork
New Arrival

Hi! I’m starting to wonder if there is a secret phrase and/or web page to see if there are any flight attendant openings... I have visited the Southwest Airlines careers page for the last 7 months and nothing. Mine is one more, but I do have some experience that is hard to come by, does anyone know if there’s any opportunities available? I would love to know!


Cheers! Smiley Happy




Re: Mystery career...

ChristinaAyala Employee

Hi there @iDork,


No mystery websites in applying to become a Flight Attendant at Southwest!  Just Transfarency around here, nothing to hideSmiley Happy.  It is true, we have not opened our external Flight Attendant posting in the past year, as we had an overwhelming response to our last posting in August 2016.  However, when we open the posting again, we will announce it here prior to posting. You can also check for updates and sign up to receive job alerts via email at on a desktop or by clicking here on a mobile device.  Thank you for your patience, sit back and relax and enjoy this video of another Flight Attendant hopeful while you wait.


Best wishes,

Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
The Southwest Community