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Part Time Positions

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I am interested in starting a position with SWA . I understand that hours vary due to demand and schedules. I have a FT M-F job now. I would like to transition to SWA FT but starting salary would not be enough. I am available nights, weekends and early before 9am. How flexible are schedules? I am interested for openings at BWI .  Thank you in advance for any information you can pass along


Re: Part Time Positions

KelbyTansey Employee

Hi @melzee,


Thanks for your interest in a role at Southwest Airlines! Schedule flexibility is highly dependent on the role. Any unionized role at the airport (Ramp Agent, Operations Agent, Customer Service Agent, etc.) will be based upon a "bid" schedule. This means that schedules can vary greatly month to month, due to operational need and the bidding process. Any roles in Airport Administration will vary from this process.


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Re: Part Time Positions

New Arrival

Thank you Kelby

Thank you for the explanation for bidding and scheduling of time. I might take the oppotunity and apply but my concern is declining a position and hurting future availability . This is a choice that I would like to transition to full time but unable at the moment because of beginning pay.  

Thank you again for the quicky reply and welcome any others insight . I fly SW all the time and love the customer service .  


Re: Part Time Positions

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I agree with your comments below and I would never understood the whole process of employment especially the bidding and scheduling times on the job as long the seniority of long time employees can decide which and what time they can works. As for the entry level, they will have to be ...patient.