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San Antonio Call Center

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I received an email from SWA Recruiting at 1:32 AM June 20th that they were hiring for a "customer representative" for San Antonio at the call center.  at 10 AM when I go to check the careers site -- there is nothing there.  :-(

States it is for a class in September.  This is the department I would like to get in at - local and have experience.  Any help on why its not posted?

Thank you


Re: San Antonio Call Center

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@treazzz I also only see the September class for Oklahoma City posted on the career site. Is there a phone number on the email you received? Did you reply to the email?  

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Re: San Antonio Call Center

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Re: San Antonio Call Center

KelbyTansey Employee

Hi @treazzz,


Thank you so much for your interest in joining Southwest Airlines! Unfortunately, it looks like this specific position closed at 9 AM CDT on June 20th. However, we encourage you to join our Talent Community and select "Customer Support" under the areas of interest.This will help us to keep you up to date the next time that a position like this one is available.


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