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Soaring to Southwest: Making My Dreams Come True

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Hello Southwest,


I have always been one of SWA's biggest fans as far back as I can remember. I grew up travelling, and my family loved to fly with Southwest. Nowadays, I continue to fly with SWA just for the pure joy of the experience and the wonderful people that make up the company. I recently got the chance to job shadow with you all in Kansas City on my birthday (April 26) and I can hands down say that it was one of the best days of my life. Thanks to your people, I got to see almost every aspect of SWA's operation at MCI. Southwest has some of the most special employees who gave me the best birthday present that I could have ever asked for by showing me around that day! It has always been my dream to be able to work in aviation, and I think that I have found my calling at Southwest. The way that Southwest employees go about business and treat passengers never ceases to amaze me-- it is what makes Southwest so special. I am hoping to pursue a career in Airline Management/Flight Operations Management, and hopefully at Southwest. As I am only a high school junior, I was wondering what suggestions that the airline would have as far as the right direction to go pursuing a job in the airlines. Additionally, I was wondering if SWA headquarters was open to visitors? I would LUV to stop by one day!


IMG_4523.jpgCheryl, Myself, and Zach behind the SWA ticket counter at MCI



Re: Soaring to Southwest: Making My Dreams Come True

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@samueltkrause to me it sounds like you are starting off on the right track with a clear vision of what your career inspirations are, positive work ethic, and have already taken the time to start building relationships at SW. All three are very important and will help drive your success. Keep up the great demeanor, and you will get noticed.


Best of luck to you!  

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