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Southwest Employment Scam

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My name is Ronneall Brown. Ive been recently contacted by a Southwest recruiter ( Aurora Ramirez). From the emails things are starting to seem sketchy. I applied for the part time Customer Service Agent position. I was sent a follow up email asking for more information (5 years employment and residential history). I finished the follow up directions. Here's where things get sketchy. She emailed back and said she was interested insetting up a phone interview with me for the Ramp Agent position. I've attempted to call her over 10 times and left mutiple voicemails but I have yet to speak with her on the phone. Something isnt sitting well with me and I wonder whats going on. @KelbyTansey Is this normal? 


Re: Southwest Employment Scam

KelbyTansey Employee

Hi @brownronneall,


Thank you so much for your interest in a Career at Southwest. I can confirm that Aurora is a recruiter for us, and the process she is asking you to follow is normal. However, I apologize for the many attempted calls that have gone unreturned. That is not the level of hospitality that we aim for, and we are disappointed that this has been your experience thus far. We have followed up with Aurora, and you should be hearing from our Recruiting Team very soon. Best of luck in your upcoming phone interview!


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Re: Southwest Employment Scam

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Such a relief, 


Thank you for getting back to me, I cant explain how at ease I am. She reached out to me and we spoke. Im very excited thank you. 

Re: Southwest Employment Scam

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No, you are not alone on this. Yes, this may sound like fishy and or phony. We did contacted the ACT team and let them know of the stituation and we did got a call from recruiter two days later. This is a difficult one and do not give up your hope.


Re: Southwest Employment Scam

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I just received a similar email from a Guadalupe Arellano from the Southwest Airlines People Department and there are several red flags in the email that lead me to believe it might be a scam