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Timekeeping Specialist- Background and training date

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I was just offered the timekeeping specialist position and I am super exicted to become part of a wonderful team and Southwest Airlines ❤️. 

I had a question, I am currently in the background check process and they don't have an official start date for training. I wanted to ask during the training period for this position is it any day of the week or is it Monday-Friday training for those first 4 weeks?


Thank you! 


Re: Timekeeping Specialist- Background and training date

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Most of us here are Southwest customers so I don't know that you'll see a timely response for your specific question.  I'd ask the recruiter or someone from the Southwest hiring team.

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Re: Timekeeping Specialist- Background and training date

KelbyTansey Employee

Hi @ashl2060,


Congratulations on making it to this step in the process! It sounds like you were able to get in touch with our Recruiting Team. We don't have a date for training just quite yet, but you will have enough time for a two weeks notice at your current position. Training will most likely by Monday through Friday, but our Recruiting Team will be reaching out with more information as soon as possible.


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