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Verification of received application

New Arrival



On 1/15/19, I received your email with the link to fill out my electronic employment application in order to move to the next step for a phone interview.  Upon completing the application on 1/16/19 I never received any email indicating the application was received. My dashboard shows "under review" and indicates that the last update was completed on 11/20/2018. 


I emailed to try and verify that they did receive my application and have not heard back from them. If you have any recommendations on how to verify if my application was in fact received, please let me know.

Thank you.


Re: Verification of received application

Rising Star



since your dashboard says under review that means they did receive your application and they are looking though it. This could take some time so the best thing to do is watch your email and dashboard and be patient as Southwest gets lots of applications and it will take time for them to go through all of them. 


If the status changes to closed/complete that would mean you were not selected to move forward in the hiring process. 


hope this helps!


Re: Verification of received application

Active Member



It is going to be awhile. Many of them are applicants that are waiting for their response.

Re: Verification of received application

KelbyTansey Employee

Hi @hmahan,


Thanks for your continued interest in this position! I checked on your application form, and it was received. Thanks for completing it so quickly!


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