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I so badly wanted to become a pilot but recently found out I am color blind and now I want to try to go towards a flight attendant but I’m unsure the vision requirements for that. My color blindness isn’t bad I see color fine it is just my red and green I sometimes see it lighter or darker than normal people. If someone could please shed some light on this for me please that would be wonderful! Many thanks,



Re: Vision

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I'm afraid that no airline will be hiring flight attendants anytime soon due to the virus.

I'd suggest that you hold the question until that situation changes. 


Re: Vision

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@KMT405  don’t give up on your desire to be a pilot. Being colorblind does not mean you are exempt from being a pilot.  Depending on how severe your colorblindness is, you still might have an opportunity. 

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Re: Vision

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This is a great question, I personally don't know what the restrictions are for color-blindness but you might want to contact Southwest (there are links at the bottom of the page) and ask them. I am sure they can provide an answer for you. Good luck!