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high school intern application

New Arrival

the application had to be submitted by March 26, but a later date was given for submitting letters of reference and transcript.  I am trying to upload the letters of reference, but it keeps saying the application is closed.  So how do I submit the reference letters?


Re: high school intern application

EmilyLyons Employee

Hi @bethweller,


Great question! Even though the applications are closed, you can still submit the transcripts and letter of recommendation to your profile in the careers portal. Instead of clicking on the application, please go directly to the profile tab. There, you will find the option to upload documents.


Thank you for your interest in our High School Internship Program here at Southwest Airlines!



Southwest Careers - Campus Reach

Re: high school intern application

New Arrival

Sorry if that sounded complicated but basically I need help on uploading documents to my profile because the site doesn’t really have a spot to upload them (as from what I can tell) so is there a way you can send me the steps on how to? Thank you! 

Re: high school intern application

New Arrival

Hello, I’m trying to upload my transcript but each time I go into my profile, all it says is to replace my resume I’m order to add a new document. Is there something that I am missing? I’m trying to upload my transcript and letter of recommendation both at the same time.