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Care Package Coordinator

Oakland First Officer Bryan Turner truly appreciates Oakland Senior Crew Base Coordinator Danielle Nobori, because, for Bryan, Danielle coordinated special efforts to help him get back on the road to recovery from an illness.  Bryan came down with the bug shortly before he was to go on a three-day reserve block.  He made the call to our Oakland Base, and, before he knew what hit him, Danielle had come by his hotel room to deliver ginger ale, crackers, and warm broth.  Thanks for taking care of our Pilots, Danielle! LUV Report from Oakland First Officer Bryan Turner: Danielle ... YOU ARE THE AMAZING!  Thank you again for coming to my rescue last week after I fell ill during my last trip out to Oakland. After having just completed a three-day trip and awaiting to start a three-day reserve block the following day, I was hit overnight with a virus.  The next morning, after calling-in sick from my hotel bed, I called the Oakland office to let the Chief Pilots know I was out for the count.  Without a second thought, you generously offered to immediately leave the office to gather whatever I needed in order to feel better.  Not only did you go out and purchase medication, you brought ginger ale, crackers, and broth for me to try to eat. What made this above-and-beyond is that you HAND DELIVERED it to me at the hotel!  Later in the day, before heading home for the day, you checked up on me once more to see how I was feeling.  Being sick while home is bad enough, but 2,500 miles from home in a hotel is miserable.  Your compassion made me feel that I was not suffering through it alone.  Your understanding of that situation and care for a fellow Employee makes you the embodiment of the SOUTHWEST SPIRIT.  After delivering my rescue care package, as you were leaving, you said something that I will never forget and succinctly sums up how you feel about your job as a Crew Base Coordinator.  You simply said "We love our Pilots." From me to you, we LUV having you as our Oakland Crew Base Coordinator.
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This is a perfect example of what happens when you encourage and empower your employees to be caring individuals :-) Paul In CRP