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Charles E. Taylor

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I would like to elaborate on a post I wrote for the blog a couple of years ago titled “Forget Me Not…” It was about recognizing Aircraft Maintenance Technicians during the month of May, in honor of the first aircraft mechanic, Charles E. Taylor, who was the mechanic for the Wright Brothers.  Taylor was born May 24, 1868,  and we would like to make May 24th a National Holiday.

On Friday, May 8th, Southwest Airlines showed it’s appreciation for our Maintenance and Engineering Department when a 737-700 (N289CT) honoring Charles E. Taylor was added to our fleet.

The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association (AMTA) is a strong supporter of keeping the legacy of Charles E. Taylor alive.  He’s an Aviation Pioneer that should not be forgotten, and he should be in the hearts and minds of not just us Aircraft Mechanics but people around the world.

 Be sure and listen to Steve's Red Belly Radio (bottom right of the home page) post about the event.

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Gordon - I admire the passion you bring to everything you do Smiley Happy
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I saw this one @ mdw this morning. I didn't get to clean it though.
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Love Southwest Service but utilizing credit is difficult - Need suggestions as I can not get a return call from Customer Service
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The descendants of Charles Taylor would like to thank Southwest Airlines for including them in the May ceremony in Dallas, when a bust of Charles Taylor and a portrait of Charles was painted on an airplane. Charles, like his employers Wilbur and Orville Wright in Dayton OH, was a bicycle mechanic, who built that first airplane engine in six weeks, with minimum tools, and even a bicycle sprocket and tomato soup can! But the engine powered that first flight at Kitty Hawk NC in 1903, and man entered the Space Age. Charles would be astounded at all the publicity, as he was quiet and unassuming, but a self-taught mechanical whiz. His work included building and repairing more engines, airport manager (the first one was a cow pasture), timing flights, and much more. Three cheers to all the airplane maintenance men who follow. They are striving for mechanical perfection for air safety. (My husband is the grandson of Charles Taylor.)
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My father was awarded the Charles E Taylor award in 2006, I was so proud of him. My dad loved aviation his whole life,according to my mom that was his first love,big joke. He also flew and would have been elgible for fifty years of being a pilot but passed away unexpected ly in Feb. of 08 . He was a FAA inspector after he stopped being a mechanic. He always loved what he did, my dad will always be my Hero.When I was a little girl he built a airplane a piper cub in our carport,we were thr coolest kids on the block. Thank-you for the award that made my dad proud of what he did.
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