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Customer Stories: Long-Distance Love & The Perfect Proposal

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Our love story all began in the summer before college started when I signed up for summer classes. Little did I know I would eventually call one of the girls in that class my best friend, then my girlfriend, and now my fiancée. IMG_1459But like many relationships it wasn’t always on that path. After a few months of dating we found ourselves at a standstill and mutually decided on a break. A little while later I found out my mom’s work was getting transferred to Tennessee from New Jersey. Nicole and I had remained friends but the sudden distance made me miss what we had even more. One night I received a text from her: “Can I ask you something? I need you to be honest with me and promise me nothing will make our friendship weird? Do you still have feelings?” After thinking about it for a little while fearing that whatever my response may be, things might become weird. I finally found the courage to type “honestly yes.” We then mutually decided that the break was over. Since May our love story has been dictated by airport reunions. She surprised me for my birthday in June, I flew back up in July, she came down for our one year anniversary in August and I flew up in September. This is not only my girlfriend but my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. After flying back and forth, I felt like the time had come to “pop the question.” IMG_1475 The airport made perfect sense for a long distance couple like us. For long-distance couples, the airport is more than an airport. It is a place where you receive the happiest “hello” and reunion, while also being the saddest “see you later.” Nicole already had a November flight booked and so the timing was perfect. When got I got to the Nashville airport I nervously asked an Employee from Southwest Airlines to make an announcement for me. One of the women from Southwest, Teddy, was so eager to make the announcement she even enlisted the help of other Employees to make sure the proposal was special. People were running in every direction. Some were making “She Said Yes” signs, others were getting cards to sign, others got flowers, and a few of them offered to record it! As Nicole was getting off the plane, Teddy made the announcement, and before I knew it, I was down on one knee. We’re so thankful to our new Southwest family for their special part in our love story. IMG_1480