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Dancing David

Dancing David SFO Customer Service Agents Antoinette Lewis, Camille Fisher, and Tiffany Hayes and SFO Assistant Station Manager Nichole Smith really know how to share their Fun-LUVing Attitudes with our Customers! SWA Customer Sandra Curley and her son, David, were waiting to board their flight to SNA when these ladies hosted their very own dance contest in the gate area.  David won; he was even spotted by a fellow Customer later while standing in line for a ride at Disneyland! See David's winning dance sequence:  140611DancingH264 Antoinette, Camille, Tiffany, and Nichole, we’re so proud of your SOUTHWEST SPIRIT!
I am not sure how to share this on a wider scale, and I would sure like to. Across the Corporate Landscape, actually. In an era where/when "customer service" is as rare as spotting humming birds on your front porch - I must commend AirTran and Southwest for hiring Ms. Maria Williams! As I stood in line behind 8 other travelers, I watched Ms. Williams consistently help each and every individual (no matter how polite or rude they came across) with a kind smile upon her face from beginning to end - CONSISTENTLY! While this should be the NORM in customer service - it is not - and I must commend Ms. Williams for her relentless spirit and vision in helping people. I am currently completing a difficult round of chemotherapy and Ms. Williams was amazingly successful in finding me a free window seat with which I could maximize a place to rest my nauseated/blurred head. Kudos to Southwest who apparently still have a knack for finding rare gems; sincere faculty members who understand what serving others is all about! (Even when they have no idea what secrets battles their clients might be fighting) I will continue to fly - twice a week, with SW and AirTran! Count on it - thanks to Ms. Williams.
Hi Raine ... we will certainly share your sweet words with Maria and her Leaders. It is Employees like Maria that make Southwest so special and I'm happy that she made your travel with us as comfortable as possible. I am often so proud of my Southwest Coworkers! Thanks for flying Southwest and for taking the time to share your experience. Take care and know that our thoughts are with you and we hope that you get better soon.
Hi we are planning a trip March 2015. I was wondering when you will change your flight calendar to accommodate that date? Thank you.
Hi Patty ... I'm not sure when we will release the schedule that includes March 2015, but our historic pattern is to release inventory/extend the booking window about six months out. Happy travels!