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Fat Tire—Onboard a Flight Near You!

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FatTireFinalIt is with great anticipation that Southwest announces our newest onboard beverage partner—New Belgium Brewing!  Along with our other great beverage offerings, you can now request this Colorado-grown delight while flying the skies with Southwest and AirTran! This is Southwest’s first craft beer experience and we couldn’t be more excited than to share it with the New Belgium Brewing Company.  New Belgium has a unique culture, which is not foreign to those loyal to Southwest Airlines. Both companies have had years of profitability, are recognized as eco-friendly and have been awarded best places to work—only a few reasons why this marriage is sure to be a success! So while on your next flight, be sure to sit back, relax, and enjoy a taste of Colorado. Fat Tire—you are now free to move about the country. Cheers!
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I have not received any Bing specials in at least a month? Is Bing being phased out by Southwest? When I previous emailed SW they send a boilerplate response. I have half a dozen airports and there are no longer any daily Bing notifications?